Sep 24

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3rd CCoE Seminar: GPGPU for Kinetic Lattice Monte Carlo Simulations

The next CCoE seminar will take place on October 11th, 2012 at 3pm. The location will be Willers-Bau A317 at the TU-Dresden. Jeffrey Kelling from the HZDR (FWIO) will present on “GPGPU for Kinetic Lattice Monte Carlo Simulations”

Abstract: Kinetic lattice Monte Carlo (KLMC) methods have for long been applied successfully for the atomistic large scale simulations of processes like annealing or ion beam treatment as well as for the study of scaling phenomena. Increasing the size of simulated systems is indispensable to get closer to the experiment as well as obtaining more accurate numerical estimates. In a time of stagnating sequential performance in computers parallelization is the only way to reach this goal. We have successfully taken on the implementation of two
different methods for GPUs. In this talk I will outline the potential of general purpose processing on GPUs (GPGPU) for KLMC methods alongside presenting some of our key results.

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