Nov 28

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8th CCoE Seminar: “OpenCL: hard core, hard shell”

0b58eefbf.3182522,1On Wednesday, Dec 4, 10 a.m. (at TU Dresden, ZIH Visitor Center, Trefftz-Bau Room 101) Dr. Rüdiger Berlich, the Managing Director of Gemfony scientific, a spin-off from KIT, will present his view on OpenCL as a platform independent hardware accelerator programming model.


Technical innovations are today rarely achieved by experiments alone, but frequently involve large scale computations. But the availability of computing power has, for a long-time, been limited by the self-fulfilling prophecy of ‘Moore’s Law’. Graphics calculations are amongst the computationally most demanding application types, and the corresponding algorithms were, quite early in ‘computing history’, already implemented in silicon, giving rise to companies with tell-tale names such as ‘Silicon Graphics’. Graphics calculations predominantly deal with floating point parameters stored in two- or four-vectors, a requirement also found in many other appliocation domains. OpenGL’s ‘compute kernels’ were followed by attempts to leverage the large computing power available in GPUs through more general environments such as CUDA and, allegedly at the behest of Apple, the various implementations of the OpenCL standard. This presentation introduces OpenCL, using examples taken from a real-life deployment, and looks at advanced features such as the integration with the C++ programming language. Pros, cons and real oddities are discussed, as is the foreseeable future of OpenCL and GPGPU computing in general.


Dr. Rüdiger Berlich has studied physics at the University of Bochum. He has been active in Open Source since 1993, when he discovered a Linux distribution stored on floppy disc images on a library computer at his university. In 1999, he became technical manager of the US office of German Linux distributor S.u.S.E. Linux AG and subsequently became Managing Director of the UK dependency of SuSE. After receiving his PhD from Bochum University in 2004, he was a researcher in Grid- and Cloud computing at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. He owns an MBA from Steinbeis Business academy, covering Open Source business models and is today Managing Director of Gemfony scientific, a spin-off from KIT, dealing with parametric optimization in parallel and distributed environments. This is also the source of his interest in GPGPU computing. Ruediger is the author of numerous articles in the German IT magazine iX, including a series covering OpenCL and another series dealing with the C++11 standard.”

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