Mar 02

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Day 2 of the Hackathon: All teams are on the GPU!

The Hackathon participants

Even six inches of fresh snow is not stopping the EuroHack participants from blazing their applications’ trail onto the GPUs

As day two of the Dresden Hackathon came to a close, all six teams have successfully moved at least a part of their application to the GPU.  One of the teams is already seeing a 2x speedup, first compiler bugs have been found as well. The currently employed solutions encompass multiple options of bringing code onto the GPU:

  • Drop-in libraries: Some teams use cuFFT and cuRAND
  • OpenACC: Most teams are adding OpenACC directives to their codes
  • Python/CUDA interaction: One of the teams was successful in getting their python data structures to play nicely with cuFFT

Among the remaining challenges are OpenACC with C++ is more difficult due to the very complex data structures typically used with C++. All teams also benefited from using performance analysis tools such as gprof or the built in python profiling or more sophisticated tools such as the NVIDIA Visual Profiler (NVVP) or Score-P/Vampir.

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