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Prof. Gumhold – TU Dresden

Computer Graphics and Visualization

The Chair of computer graphics and visualization has its research focus on geometry processing and scientific visualization. Cuda related research projects are discussed in the following.

Homepage of the Computer Graphics and Visualization lab (CGV).

Geometry Processing

Data sets that are considered in geometry processing today come from different 3D acquisition techniques and continuously grow in size. This makes parallel in particular GPU based geometry processing indispensable. Research in this direction addresses GPU based 3D reconstruction of surface models in real-time [3,4] and of volumetric models [5,6].


Multiple images are merged into data structure [4] … … to reconstructed volumetric model (right). [4]


Scientific Visualization

Visualization of Scientific data must often face the challenges of big data in context of GPU. Efficient rendering of higher order surfaces [7], like ellipsoids [8] and stream tubes [9], are essential for the visualization of complex vector and tensor fields. In these applications CUDA has shown its potential to accelerate execution and to simplify the implementation of algorithms on massivley-parallel hardware. One further example are deformable glyphs enphasising interaction forces in molecular dynamics simulations. These can be efficiently visualized utiliziing the NVidia OptiX ray tracing frame work for CUDA. The Visualization Tool MegaMol [1] is designed for visualizing large particle data sets on normal desktop computers by harvesting the power of the GPU. Many costly computations are based on CUDA, like the computation of the solvent accessible surface for protein visualization [2].


Deformable glyphs rendered through OptiX GPU-based visualization [9]



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