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Prof. Schroer – TU Dresden

Welcome to the Chair of Structural Physics of Condensed Matter of Prof. Dr. Christian
at Technische Universität Dresden!


Scientific projects with GPU background:


Siemens-star in ptychography

Siemens-star in ptychography



In order to achieve high spatial resolution and to
investigate extended samples with x-ray microscopy a
scanning x-ray microscopy method with coherent illumination
– ptychography – can be used.

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The antenna of a bug were imaged in phase contrast.

Bug in Phase Contrast


X-Ray Microscopy

Microscopy and nanoprobe techniques in the hard x-ray
regime using phase, fluorescence, absorption, and
(coherent) scattering contrast at both laboratory and
synchrotron radiation sources

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Tomography of a rat's thigh bone (Femur). The Tomogram was recorded using a microfocus x-ray tube. The smallest visible details are of 10µm size.

Tomography of a bone


X-Ray Tomography

3-dimensional structural analysis by combining the
techniques mentioned above with tomography

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Refractive X-Ray Lens. The lens is structured into a silicon wafer using electron beam lithography.

Refractive X-Ray Lens


X-Ray Lenses

Basics of x-ray optics, especially the development and
fabrication of refractive x-ray lenses

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