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Dr. Gottschling – SimuNova UG

SimuNova UG is a spin-off from TU Dresden, which has developed the software MTL4, used in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The Matrix Template Library 4 (MTL4) is a development library for scientific computing that combines high productivity with high performance in the execution. We provide and develop various editions:

  • The Open Source Edition that runs on one (single-core) CPU is a free scientific development kit to get familiar with the library.
  • The Supercomputing Edition – based on message passing and distributed data structures – supports all parallel supercomputers and clusters.
  • The CUDA Edition will soon be pre-released. It provides generic programming on the GPGPU with a compatible interface to the open source edition. Thus, existing MTL4 applications can use GPGPUs without code modifications.
  • The Multi-grid Edition will provide a generic approach to algebraic and geometric multi-grid (under development).

Peter Gottschling is the founder and managing director of SimuNova.  He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science (Doctor rerum naturalium) in 2002 at the Technische Universität Dresden. He taught several C++ classes and seminars at TU Dresden. Dr. Gottschling is head of the German delegation in the ISO C++ standardization committee. He is the core author of MTL4 and co-author of several other scientific libraries like the Parallel Boost Graph Library, ANGEL (for automatic differentiation), ParGraph, and Janus.

Visit us under www.simunova.com

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