Apr 04

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GCOE Talk on CFD with CPU-GPGPU | Institute of Fluid Dynamics

On the 10th April, 3:30pm, there will be a GCoE Talk by Immo Huismann from the Chair of Fluid Dynamics, TU Dresden.

CG with the agonizing pain – CPU-GPGPU coupling for CFD

This talk investigates static load balancing models for CPU-GPU coupling from a Computational Fluid Dynamics perspective. While able to generate a benefit, traditional load balancing models are found to be too inaccurate to predict the runtime of a preconditioned conjugate gradient solver. Hence, an expanded model is derived that accounts for the multistep nature of the solver. It is able to predict the runtime to a margin of 5 %, rendering CPU-GPGPU coupling predictable and worthwhile. Lastly, a computation of a gas-phase chemical reaction problem is made using the new load-balancing model, that is able to harness all the resources available on the heterogeneous computation nodes.

The talk will take place as usual in TRE-101 VC, Zellescher Weg 16, TU Dresden.

By the way, we always look for GPU related talks, so if you are interested to present your current work to GPU developers and to get feedback from others, just get in contact with us: gcoe@mailbox.tu-dresden.de

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