Mar 04

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Hackathon Day 4: The Plateau of Enlightenment

Picture of the hackathon participants wearing their new OpenACC hats

Handing out goodies – The hackathon participants are putting their “OpenACC hats” on…

Thursday nicely showed the spirit of the hackathon that it is not a competition. While three teams are now at the point that they have reached their set goals, three others were still working on improving their applications. Teams started to interact even more, helping each other along the way. While the projects are quite diverse, some common challenges appeared and could be tackled together. The areas of optimization are:

  • C++ data structure handling
  • data transfer and management optimizations
  • lowering the number of used registers by the GPU kernels to achieve higher occupancy

At the end of the day all teams were rewarded for their hard work with a new blazing orange OpenACC hat!

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