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Mar 02

The Hack is on in 2018!

It’s that time of the year again! Developers of scientific software projects of any discipline come together with GPU experts from across the globe in Dresden to bring their science to the GPU! Stay tuned on this blog or by following the twitter hashtag #GPUHackDD.

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Apr 07

Reaching the shore between Scylla and Charybdis, my Eurohack day 4 afternoon session

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Mar 22

Reaching the shore with a fog warning, my Eurohack day 4 morning session

Winslow Homer, The Fog Warning (1885, oil on canvas, wikicommons) As of version 4.2, nvcc does not support device debugging Thrust code. Thrust functions compiled with (e.g., nvcc -G, nvcc –device-debug 0, etc.) will likely crash.

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Mar 17

Seeing the shore, Eurohack day 4

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Mar 16

Treading in Water, Eurohack day 3

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Mar 15

Our feet are wet, Eurohack day 2

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Mar 14

Let’s hack a ton! Eurohack Day 1

On March 6, ten teams met at JSC for the Eurohack 2017 to boost their applications on GPUs or port them to use GPUs at all. We had on average of 4 team members and 2 mentors per team. So we were topping around 70 hackers in one room. This year’s hackathon (see last years …

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